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Transport a Cairn!

Transport volunteers enable us to rescue Cairns nationally. Thanks to our transport volunteers, we are able to rescue Cairns in areas where we may not have an available foster home at the time that can house and rehabilitate the Cairn, and transport the Cairn to another city or state where there is an open foster home that can help. For longer distances, our VP of Foster Home and Transports sets up a "transport chain" where the distance to be covered is divided among several transport volunteers who each drives a portion of the way and hands over the rescue Cairn to the next transport volunteer. Transport volunteers also enable us to adopt Cairns out of the geographical area where the Cairn is located in situations where we believe that the Cairn and the adoptive home are a good match for each other despite the distance. In those situations, the adoptive home also drives part of the way to pick up their Cairn.

All it takes is a few hours a month at most and the willingness to drive. You'll most likely also meet other rescue volunteers along the way. You never know when a Cairn will need help in your 'neck of the woods,' but if you fill out our Volunteer Form, we will have your information on file and be able to call on you to help. You can tell us the distance you are willing to drive. We will reimburse you for tolls and if you let us know ahead of time, also for gas, or you can take a tax deduction for the mileage and toll costs directly on your income tax return.

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