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Become a Volunteer!

We welcome all volunteers and it is not necessary that you be a member of CRUSA to volunteer your services, time and/or talents to help Cairns in need! Some jobs require hours, other just a few minutes a day. We are always looking for people who can:

  • Host a Cairn overnight, providing it bed & breakfast while in transit to its foster home or forever home
  • Drive a Cairn part of the way to its foster home or forever home
  • Go to a local shelter to identify and photograph a dog that may be a Cairn
  • Go to a local shelter to pick up a Cairn that we have already identified from photos and are taking into CRUSA's rescue program
  • Perform a home visit for an approved home that is going to adopt one of our rescue Cairns to make sure the home is safe for the dog (forms and instructions will be provided by us)
  • Call the references of our applicants to move their applications along (we'll provide telephone cards)
  • Help us with administrative tasks, like data input
  • Craft an item that we can sell on eBay or on our CRUSA Store to raise funds, such as a quilt, a dog sweater, a dog bed, a cross-stitch design, a Cairn portrait or paint, etc.
  • Create one or more Cairn drawings/graphics to use on our website or on merchandise
  • Share their dog knowledge with the rest of us and answer questions others may have on topics such as training, health, etc. on our CRUSA working list on Yahoo Groups

These are just a few examples of how you can help. Please fill out our Volunteer Form and we'll contact you. You can also join CRUSA's working list by clicking on the link below. If you cannot volunteer, you can also make a tax-deductible donation to CRUSA!

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Volunteer Information Form

Thank you in advance for offering your services, time, and/or talents to help Cairns in need!

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Best hours to call, if needed:
Have you done dog or Cairn rescue work before?   Yes    No
If Yes, please describe:
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Fostering a Cairn � please complete our Foster Home Application
Hosting a Cairn overnight and providing it bed & breakfast while in transit, as needed
Transporting a Cairn
Going to local shelters as needed to identify and photograph a dog that may be a Cairn or to pull a Cairn for CRUSA
Performing a safety inspection of an approved applicant�s home in my area, as needed (No experience required! We supply all instructions and forms)
Calling applicant references
Performing administrative tasks, like data input
Creating computer graphics
Crafting items for auction or direct sale to raise funds (depending on the project, and subject to our prior approval, we may be able to reimburse you for the materials)
Other fundraising projects
Other (please describe):

If you indicated that you'd be willing to transport a Cairn, what would be the maximum one-way distance you'd be willing to drive (in miles):

Have you volunteered with a breed rescue group before?   Yes    No
Please briefly describe any special experience, skills or knowledge you possess that you believe would be beneficial to CRUSA:

By submitting this form, I certify that I have never been convicted of animal cruelty, neglect, or abandonment by a court of law or other appropriate governmental authority.

Please make sure the application is complete (including required fields) before pressing the "Send" button below.
Incomplete applications may be rejected or delayed.

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