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Healing Angel Program

At Cairn Rescue USA, we are committed to providing our rescue Cairns the veterinary care they need. However, many of our Cairns come into rescue requiring extraordinary veterinary care due to age, neglect, abuse, injury or health conditions left untreated such as diabetes, skin allergies, dry eye, partial or total blindness, heartworm, seizures, etc. Procuring that specialized vet care is expensive and to be able to fulfill our mission, we depend on the generous support of people like you, who care very much and choose to help our Cairns in Need.

Our Healing Angel Program allows you to sponsor a Cairn that requires extraordinary veterinary care and has touched your heart. Your sponsorship is tax-deductible as Cairn Rescue USA is a 501(c)(3) organization. By choosing to become a Healing Angel, your name will appear on our web site next to the picture of the Special Needs Cairn you are sponsoring as its Healing Angel. You can choose to be a Special Needs Cairnís sole Healing Angel and donate the entire goal amount, or be one of several Healing Angels sponsoring a particular Special Needs Cairn. Should your generous donation exceed the actual expenses incurred for your sponsored Special Needs Cairn, we will apply the surplus towards one or more of our other Special Needs Cairns. You may choose to pay your sponsorship in a one-time lump sum or make monthly contributions, either by PayPal or by check. For contribution of less than $10, we ask that you please write a check.

Below is a list of our Special Needs Cairns in need of a Healing Angel:

There are no Healing Angel dogs at this time.

To become a Healing Angel, please complete and send the form below. If you wish to display something other than your name, enter it in "Display Name."


Name of Dog:
There are no Healing Angel dogs at this time.
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